Leveraging Internal Data to Drive your Military Talent Sourcing Strategy

28 Feb 2018

Leveraging Internal Data to Drive your Military Talent Sourcing Strategy

In 2015, Wells Fargo made a public commitment to employing 20,000 veterans by the year 2020. Our model followed a three-step process:  data collection, strategy expansion and strategy support.  Along the way we picked up several lessons learned that might help others adopt a similar strategy.


Data Collection:

To start, we identified which Wells Fargo locations were doing the most hiring, what positions and what MOSs translated easiest. Our initial Data Identified Ft. Hood and Ft. Campbell as being ideal targets for our new installation interaction model.


Moving the Strategy Forward:

As we started to see success from our new military installation interaction model, other LOBs inside of Wells Fargo became interested in participating and our TA organization was being centralized under the Enterprise umbrella, so we knew we need to expand the overall interaction model by adding more installations.



After identifying a total of 9 military installations to target, we need to a way to support the relationship and lead generation. We were able to put together a recruiting support model that included a LOB POC for lead generation and a Base/Installation Relationship manager.


Lessons Learned:

  1. Use data to sell your story
  2. Look for ways to create an interaction model that works across your organization
  3. MOS Translation
  4. Targeted Marketing