Interested in Being a Corporate Sponsor of the 2024 Veteran Recruiting Conference?

Become a Corporate Sponsor 

You can leverage a corporate sponsorship to obtain training to be used by your company in the very near future while securing 2024 conference seats for three (3) team members.

Names of attendees are not needed at time of registration, but must be provided no later than February 9, 2024.

Just think – you could set up a live webinar to occur in the next few weeks or months to train your recruiters (and maybe some hiring managers) on how to read a military resume or source veteran talent…

Or, in less than a month your team could have “just in time” access to a  customized recorded training library of short training modules.

There are two (2) 2024 Veteran Recruiting Conference Corporate Sponsorship options.

Let's discuss which option is right for you

Option #1: One 60-90 minute live training webinar of your choice

Sponsor can chose from 9 different 60-90 minute veteran recruiting topics to be delivered live via webinar on a date/time of its choosing.

Sponsorship includes 3 passes to attend conference.

Option #2: 1 year license access to VOAV Web-based Training (WBT) library

Sponsoring company  receives 1 year access to up to choice of 10 web-based training modules (out of 30 modules available) for up to 100 people.  Content hosted on VOAV Learning Management System.

Sponsorship includes 3 passes to attend conference.

2024 Veteran Recruiting Conference Sponsors